Custom synthesis

Maithili undertakes custom synthesis of key intermediates and active substances for innovator companies worldwide. We have the expertise in synthesizing diverse classes of molecules and offer gram to ton quantities in a cost-effective manner. Our expertise and services include:

  • Lead synthesis and optimization of pre-clinical candidates.
  • Synthesis/Isolation of impurities, metabolites, degradants and reference compounds.
  • Synthesis of scaffolds and building blocks.

You can either supply a synthetic route, or, where necessary, we can develop new, innovative solutions for your molecule. Contracts are based on a fixed-price quotation, or can be – for larger projects (programs) – arranged on a fixed-term basis, resulting in a more flexible and interactive collaboration. Overall, we guarantee fast turnaround, high purity and timely delivery of your compounds.

In addition, impurities, degradants or metabolites can be isolated by preparative HPLC and then further characterized using state-of-the-art techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry (MS), raman, infrared (FTIR) and ultra-violet (UV) or hyphenated techniques such as LC-MS/MS and LC-Accurate Mass, to fully characterize your material.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest process and analytical instrumentation. Combined with its extensive range of scale-up equipment and key areas of expertise, scientists have the experience and professionalism to move your projects forward.

Special expertise is offered in the following fields:

  • » Heterocyclic chemistry.
  • » Multi-step synthesis.
  • » Microwave parallel synthesis.
  • » Parallel synthesis.
  • » Synthesis of small functionalised molecules.
  • » Synthesis of small focused libraries.
  • » Synthesis of Building Blocks.
  • » Synthesis of GMP Impurities.

Our portfolio of reactions includes, amongst others, the following:

  • » Acylations.
  • » Alkylations.
  • » Bischler-Napieralski reaction.
  • » Buchwald reaction.
  • » Esterifications.
  • » Friedel-Crafts alkylation / acylation.
  • » Grignard reaction.
  • » Heck reaction.
  • » High-pressure hydrogenations.
  • » Iodination and bromination.
  • » Nucleophilic substitutions.
  • » Organolithium reagents.
  • » Reductions and oxidations.
  • » Reductive amination.
  • » Sonogashira reaction.
  • » Stille reaction.
  • » Suzuki reaction.
  • » Wittig and Horner-Emmons.