MLS provides services for companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology industries, clinical studies.

MLS delivers contract research and manufacturing services to innovator companies. We help clients innovate during the development of products with a comprehensive suite of offerings, including Route Scouting, Contract Research, Process Development, Scale up, Analytical Method Development and cGMP (kilo) Manufacturing. We provide customized services, from Full Time Equivalent (FTE) to Fee for Service (FfS) contracts.

We respect Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and are committed to completion of projects on time and within budget. Our work environment fosters scientific rigor and discipline which manifests in mature and customized solutions.

All projects will be assigned a project leader who serves as the single point of technical contact for the client. The project is typically structured in several phases according to the requirement of the client and may include:

  • Signing of confidentiality agreement and exchange of available information.
  • Project scope definition.
  • Project assessment and offer.
  • Scouting experiments for proof of concept.

MLS has developed a standard format for weekly reporting, which may be modified according to the client's needs including telephone or video conferences with the commercial and technical team.