We are Maithili Life Sciences, a cGMP certified manufacturer and leading suppliers of generic pharmaceutical API & Intermediates based in Hyderabad - India
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Hyderabad, India

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Maithili Life Sciences is a growing company with a cGMP compliant manufacturing facility that supplies APIs, intermediates, and fine chemicals. The company employs approximately 350 people.

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We are Maithili Life Sciences

Maithili Life Sciences Pvt Ltd (MLSP) is into providing comprehensive pharmaceutical solutions globally and domestically to pharmaceutical companies ranging from fine chemicals, APIs, Intermediates etc.

We aim to be the leading manufacturer of generic API’s and fine chemicals. Our focus is on complying with cGMP guidelines and building towards developing into a world class manufacturing facility by providing safe and healthy workplace.

Our company is growing steadily, recently we have started a new Production Unit with 52 reactors and advanced equipment in order to satisfy the unmet needs of the pharmaceutical companies.
Mr. Gopinath Reddy
Managing Director
Maithili Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
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With our DMF available, you can have confidence in the quality and safety of our product. We take great care to ensure that every product we create meets the highest industry standards and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its efficacy and safety.

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