We are Maithili Life Sciences, a cGMP certified API manufacturer and leading global supplier / exporter of generic pharmaceutical API & Intermediates in India
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Hyderabad, India
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Manufacturing & Facility Strengths

At Maithili Life Sciences, we are dedicated to advancing healthcare by providing high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that empower pharmaceutical companies to create life-saving medications.

Our Manufacturing Unit

Maithili life Sciences has a cGMP compliant, state of the art manufacturing facility, supplying active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) and intermediates as well as fine chemicals. We aim to be the best manufacturing facility by providing the best quality, competitively priced products in a timely manner with excellent productivity. We maintain a good morale among the employees and conduct all operations in a safe environment.

  • Production and Pilot Blocks maintain a clean and hygienic manufacturing area under controlled environmental conditions that adhere to WHO norms for GMP.
  • 3 stand-alone GMP suites are set up for small and large volume intermediates. The manufacturing volume ranges from 50L to 10KL.
  • Supports expert hazardous reaction handling capabilities.
  • Capable of handling temperatures ranging from -70 to +280 degree Celsius.
  • 29 SSRs, 21 GLRs, 4 Glass Assemblies, 10 centrifuges, 8 TDs, 4VTDs, 3 RCVDs, 1 ANFD, 7 Shifters, 6 Millers, 5 Blenders, 8 Filters and 2 Dispensing booths.
  • High pressure Hydrogenators from lab scale to 3000 L
  • Dedicated ventilation systems at Processing Areas.
  • ETP capacity : 40 KLD features ZLD ( Zero Liquid Discharge)

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Reactor (Block A) : 4.1 KL
  • Reactor (Block B) : 37.6 KL
  • Reactor (Block C) : 4.85 KL
  • Reactor (Block D) : 109.5 KL
  • RCVD : 4.5 KL
  • Tray Drier : 612 Trays
  • VTD : 80 Trays
  • Blender : 1100 L
  • MM : 1000 Kg/hr
  • Sifter : 300 Kg/hr
  • Filters(approximately) : 120 L

The facility is well maintained and is consistently meeting the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines, WHO and other statutory requirements. We are investing in latest technology and equipment to ensure the manufacturing capabilities of our facility meet the demands of our domestic and international clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Storage Areas

Pharmaceutical products require controlled storage and transit conditions in order to ensure that their quality is not compromised. Pharmaceutical warehousing is much more than the simple storage of products; it is an operation that preserves the integrity of drugs that affect the health and wellbeing of humans.

With a view to maintain the quality of good produced and manufactured in MLSP, we have Warehouses, Underground Storage Tank, Basement Storage Tank and Finished Storage areas at our manufacturing facility.

The storage areas are maintained at minimum temperatures under professional supervision.

We have:

  • Raw material storage area: 
    Raw materials are stored in this area and it is accessed solely by selective personnel. It has 6 underground Storage Tanks of 25 KL capacity and 8 Basement Storage Tanks of 10KL-25KL capacity each. The Sampling areas, Approved and Quarantine areas are followed as per GMP guidelines.
  • Engineering/maintenance storage area: 
    All equipments and spare parts are maintained and safeguarded in this area. An exclusive team of 23 personnel are always available for maintenance and any emergency.
  • Finished/manufacturing products storage area: 
    The finished and manufactured products are stored in this area, which is maintained at -20 degree Celsius temperature. It has all the necessary facilities to store and maintain the quality of the finished and manufactured products, irrespective of the weather conditions prevailing outside.