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Our company offers a wide range of ingredient options to choose from, each with unique specifications tailored to a variety of application areas. To assist in your selection process, simply click on one of our expertly crafted cards below. These cards will provide you with all the necessary information you need regarding each products, including application areas, specifications, and availability.

Product NameCAS No
2-Chloro-3-nitrobenzoic acid3970-35-2
3-nitro 2-acetamido toluene (4-(N-Acetyl) Amino-3-Nitrotoluene)29111-73-7
3-nitro 2-amino toluene570-24-1
3-nitro 2-bromo toluene41085-43-2
3-nitro 2-chloro toluene3970-40-9
3-nitro 2-iodotoluene6277-17-4
2-nitro 6-methyl benzonitrile1885-76-3
2-nitro 6-methyl benzoic acid34545-18-1
2-nitro 6-methyl benzoic acid methyl ester (Benzoic acid, 2-nitro-, methyl ester)606-27-9
2-nitro 6-methyl benzoic acid ethyl ester-
3-nitro 2-bromo benzoic acid573-54-6
3-nitro 2-iodo benzoic acid5398-69-6
2-chloro 3-nitro benzyl bromide-
2-amino 3-nitro phenol603-85-0
4-acetamido acetophenone2719-21-3
4-iodo acetophenone13329-40-3
4-bromo acetophenone99-90-1
4-chloro acetophenone99-91-2
4-chloro benzoic acid74-11-3
4-bromo benzoic acid586-76-5
4-iodo benzoic acid619-58-9
3, 4 di methyl acetophenone634430
3, 4 di methyl benzoic acid619-04-5
3-iodo 4-methyl benzoic acid82998-57-0
3-nitro 4-methyl benzoic acid96-98-0
3-amino 4-methyl benzoic acid2458-12-0
3-bromo 4-methyl benzoic acid697-26-9
3-chloro 4-methyl benzoic acid5162-82-3
4-bromo 3,5 di Chloro benzoic acid methyl ester117738-81-5
4-bromo 3,5 di Chloro benzoic acid ethyl ester-
3-bromo 4-methyl benzoic acid methyl ester7697-26-9
3-bromo 4-methyl benzoic acid ethyl ester147962-81-0
3-chloro 4-methyl benzoic acid methyl ester-
3-chloro 4-methyl benzoic acid ethyl ester99500-36-4
3-methyl acetophenone585-74-0
4-iodo aniline540-37-4
4-bromo iodo benzene589-87-7
4-chloro iodo benzene637-87-6
2-ethyl phenol90-00-6
4-bromo 2-methyl benzoic acid68837-59-2
4-acetamido 2-methyl acetophenone34956-31-5
4-amino 2-methyl acetophenone38177-98-9
4-chloro 2-methyl acetophenone37074-38-7
4-amino 2-methyl benzoic acid2486-75-1
4-iodo 2-methyl benzoic acid133232-58-3
4-bromo 2-methyl benzoic acid methyl ester1061314-02-0
4-amino 2-methyl benzoic acid methyl ester18595-12-5
4-amino 2-methyl benzoic acid ethyl ester74450-59-2
4-amino 3-bromo benzoic acid6311-37-1
6-bromo quinolone5332-25-2
3-bromo phenyl acetic acid1878-67-7
Alpha-methyl cinnamic acid1199-77-5
6-chloro quinoline612-57-7
4-hydroxy 3,5 di bromo acetophenone220-750-4
4-hydroxy 3,5 di methoxy acetophenone2478-38-8
4-hydroxy 3,5 di methoxy benzoic acid1916-08-1
2-iodo benzoic acid88-67-5
2-iodo benzoic acid methyl ester610-97-9
2-iodo benzoic acid ethyl ester1829-28-3
2-chloro benzoic acid118-91-2
2-bromo benzoic acid88-65-3
4-iodo benzoic acid619-58-9
4-iodo benzoic acid methyl ester619-44-3
4-bromo benzoic acid586-76-5
4-chloro benzoic acid74-11-3
4-bromo benzoic acid methyl ester619-42-1
4-bromo benzoic acid ethyl ester5798-75-4
4-hydroxy pyrimidine51953-17-4
2-chloro acetanilide533-17-5
4-bromo 2-chloro acetanilide3460-23-9
4-bromo 2-chloro aniline38762-41-3
4-bromo 2-chloro benzonitrile154607-01-9
4-bromo 2-chloro benzoic acid59748-90-2
4-bromo 2-chloro benzoic acid methyl ester185312-82-7
4-methyl acetanilide103-89-9
2-bromo 4-methyl acetanilide614-83-5
2-bromo 4-methyl aniline583-68-6
2-bromo 4-methyl benzonitrile42872-73-1
2-bromo 4-methyl benzoic acid7697-27-0
2-bromo 4-methyl benzoic acid methyl ester-
2-bromo 4-methyl 4benzoic acid ethyl ester-
4-acetyl benzoic acid586-89-0
4-bromo 2 ethyl phenol18980-21-7
5-bromo iso quiniline34784-04-8
4-hydroxy quiniline611-36-9
5-bromo quiniline4964-71-0
7-aza indole271-63-6
4-amino 3,5 dichloro benzoic acid56961-25-2
4-bromo 3,5 dichloro benzoic acid117738-75-7
2,6 di Chloro benzothiozole3622-23-9
5-fluoro 2-methyl indole399-72-4
8-nitro quiniline607-35-2
6-nitro quiniline613-50-3
2,4,6-tri methyl acetophenone1667-01-2
6-bromo 2-oxiindole99365-40-9
Ethyl iso cyano acetate2999-46-4
2-bromo 4-fluoro aceto phenone403-29-2
2-amino 3-nitro phenol603-85-0
4-bromo 2-methyl phenol6921-66-0
6-methyl quinoline91-62-3
3-nitro phenyl acetonitrile621-50-1
Ethyl 3-bromo benzoate24398-88-7
4-amino 3-nitro benzoic acid1588-83-6
2,4 di methoxy phenyl acetic acid6496-89-5
Furan 2,5 di carboxylic acid3238-40-2
Furan 2,5 di carboxylic acid methyl ester-
2,4 di methoxy benzaldehyde613-45-6
4-terta butyl benzyl amine39895-55-1
4-hydroxy phenyl benzyl ketone2491-32-9
4-hydroxy 3-nitro acetophenone6322-56-1
4-hydroxy 3-nitro benzoic acid616-82-0
4-hydroxy 3-amino benzoic acid1571-72-8
4-hydroxy 3-amino acetophenone19745-72-3
3-methoxy 4-hydroxy benzyl amine HCL1917434
4-amino 2-methyl benzonitrile72115-06-1
4-nitro 2-methyl benzoic acid1975-51-5
4-nitro 2-methyl benzonitrile89001-53-6
4-hydroxy methyl phenyl acetic acid73401-74-8
4-chloro 2-nitro acetophenone23082-51-1
4-chloro 2-nitro benzoic acid6280-88-2
3-iodo benzoic acid618-51-9
4-iodo anisole696-62-8
4-bromo 3,5 dihydroxy benzoic acid16534-12-6
4-bromo 3,5 dimethoxy benzoic acid56256-14-5

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