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Benazepril HCl

Maithili Life Sciences delivers high-quality APIs that improve lives. Our latest offering, Benazepril HCl API, showcases our commitment to excellence and innovation in pharmaceuticals.


Benazepril HCl is widely used in the treatment of hypertension. Its effectiveness in lowering blood pressure makes it a crucial component in various antihypertensive formulations.

Beyond its antihypertensive properties, Benazepril HCl offers renal protection, making it valuable in formulations designed to support kidney health and prevent complications related to renal diseases.

Key Intermediates

3-Bromo-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-2-h-1-benzacepin–2one [86499-96-9], tert-Butyl (S)-2-(3-amino-2-oxo-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-benzo[b]azepin-1-yl)acetate[109010-60-8] 

Why Maithili?

Uncompromised Quality

Our Benazepril HCl API is manufactured under stringent quality control standards, ensuring purity, efficacy, and safety in every batch. We adhere to international regulations and industry best practices to deliver a product you can trust.

Exceptional Purity

We guarantee the highest level of purity in our Benazepril HCl API. Its unmatched quality forms the foundation of reliable formulations, providing healthcare professionals with a powerful tool to improve patient outcomes.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling us to produce our products with precision and efficiency. We invest in research and development to continually enhance our processes and deliver superior products.

Expert Technical Support

Partnering with Maithili Life Sciences, means gaining access to our team of experienced professionals. We offer expert technical support and guidance, ensuring seamless integration of our API into your formulations.

Reliable Supply Chain

We understand the importance of a stable supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry. Partnering with us ensures a consistent and timely supply of Benazepril HCl API, allowing you to meet market demands and serve your customers effectively.

Versatility in Formulations

Our Benazepril HCl API is versatile and can be incorporated into different pharmaceutical formulations, including tablets, capsules, and oral solutions, providing flexibility for product development.

Partner with Us

When you choose Maithili Life Sciences as your supplier for Benazepril HCl API, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your success. Our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation sets us apart in the pharmaceutical industry.

For inquiries, samples, or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us today. Together, let’s create a healthier future with our premium Benazepril HCl API.

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